• What do I need to rent a car?
    Current drivers license, car insurance and a form of payment (Credit Card or Debit Card). 
  • How old can I be to rent a car?
    You can rent a vehicle if you are at least 21 years old, however there is a daily underage fee. You can rent a car if you are 18 years old if a direct bill with the insurance company is set up and your insurance coverages transfer over to a rental vehicle.
     1. Your car is in a repair shop and have full coverage insurance. 
  • Am I responsible for any expenses othen than the cost of the rental?
    Yes, in addition to the rental you are responsible for the gas used and tolls incurred during rental period.
  • Do you have any smoking vehicles?
    All of our vehicles are NON SMOKING!
    If a vehicle is returned smoked in, there will be a $100 smoking fee.
  • Are you open on sunday?
    Unfortunately, we are not open on Sunday, but certain arrangements can be made so we encourage you to call our office. 
  • Can I add an additional driver(s) to my contract?
    Yes to add an additional driver, we will need their Driver's License and proof of insurance. 
    There is also an additional drivers fee if the other driver is not a spouse.
  • Can you direct bill insurance companies?
    Yes, we can direct bill insurance companies as long as you provide us with a claim number and adjuster contact information.
  • Do you offer AAA/AARP discounts?
    Yes, we offer many discounts, please call and ask.
  • Do you provide a shuttle service to/from the airport(s)?
    Call for availability.
  • Do you sell cars?
    Our rent-to-own program is currently under construction but will be up and running within the coming months.
  • Can I rent a car for more than month?
    Yes, but please call to book it so we can apply additional discounts.